*All components are made in Taiwan
*Standard RO system
Commercial R.O. System (400 Gallon)
1st: PXV0520 5micron 20" PP sediment
2nd: CXVT3320 20"  GAC filter
3rd: CXVCTO20-C-UD  20" CTO filter
4th~7th: TW30-2012-100 100GPD RO membrane
8th: SCXV5633 GAC Inline filter 
Booster pump 8200*2 with Transformer DC24V 4A*1, 
two round pin plug,
D14A faucet, handle, AB-3-4 feed water adapter with ABV-3-2B 3/8" brass ball valve,
1/4" PE blue tube * 5 meter, 3/8" PE blue tube*3 meter 
(without RO pressure tank)
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