water purification filtration system
*Two-Filter Water Purifier

Two-Filter Water Purifier
1st- Clear housing 1/4"port with White cap: 5 micron PP cartridge 
2nd- White housing 1/4"port with white cap: GAC cartridge
*Assembled: PVC 3/8" tube 3feet. 3/8"barb elbow. Nipple 1/4"x1/4".
ABL-3 hook faucet (1/4"pipe elbow with 8"spout). Bracket. White base*2.
*Other: ABT-1D internal faucet adapter , AR-1 External faucet adapter & Opener,
ABE-3 3/8" diverter valve with black handle.
*Package: Color box LanShan
5 units/ ctn


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