**Lan Shan New Products**


*CE approved

*NSF 3.2G tank

*5 stages All Quick Change replacement

*With Full Functions and TDS Display micro-computer controller

*Taiwan. USA. China patent

All Easy-change filters undersink RO water system with full function micro-computer controller

5 stages RO system with booster pump  

1st :ST-05 5M sediment Quick change filter
2nd :ST-33 GAC Quick change filter
3rd :ST-CTO carbon block Quick change filter
4th :ST-RO50 Quick change membrane 
5th :ST-34 GAC quick change filter

(Optional equipment : 75G / 100G RO membrane, without pump available)



Micro-Computer Controller : LSIC-128 - With Full Functions and TDS Display

*All easy change filters - No tools required.

*Micro-computer controller - Auto remind chaning filter.

It helps maintain and displace filter on time.

*24 hrs / 7days TDS meter and PPM water quality detect.

Signals when water quality worsens.

*Auto Flush RO membrane, separate signal function lights

*Three-forked cermic faucet is durable and attractive

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